The Primal Philosophy

Here at Primal Eden we believe in a

Primal Past for a Healthier Future.

Primal Edens logo is a wolf, representing the all-inclusive community we have created. Regardless of age, race, gender or background Primal Eden will provide a supportive, motivational, welcoming, competitive,  judgement free community. Leave your egos at the door!

We aren't going to go too much into this on this on our website but we will give you a general overview of our ethos and leave the rest for our seminars .

With over 1.8 million years of dietary and physiological evolution dictating our genetic makeup, we firmly believe we should look at our Paleolithic (cavemen) ancestry to guide us in how to live, eat and move.

We aren't suggesting we go live in caves, run about in a loincloth and hunt ( unless that's what your'e into ), but we can try to eat a clean toxin free nutrient dense diet, free of chemical additives, and use our bodies the way we evolved to move and get outside more frequently.

We believe that health and well-being of any individual encompasses the mind, body and soul. 


To help us do this here is our primal philosophy! 

Be a wolf NOT a sheep!

Move Primal

The physiology of a human being is undeniable. By studying this and the way we move we have come up with a movement concept that not only works with our functional anatomy, but can take it to an impressive athletic level.

We call this the Primal Origins Concept.

At Primal Eden we do this by combining several sports, movement patterns and disciplines that do what humans were evolved to do.

These include;


Of course its not like our early ancestors would have been pole dancers or needed to Planche. These movement patterns and disciplines used at a basic level mimic the ways we have used our body's for millions of years!

The above disciplines done at an athletic level is a feat within itself and if you combine them together you will become a well rounded beast!!!!

Eat Primal

The EAT PRIMAL ethos is very simple, we eat like our Paleolithic ancestors used to eat, with a couple of added extras. They would go hunt and gather what they could find available in the geographical locations they lived in.

The reasoning behind this is the Paleolithic era of human existence is the longest period of dietary evolution in human existence. Even though there were different nutritional profiles starting to emerge after the early humans migrated out of Africa. The hunter gatherers stayed predominantly the same, the only things that changed were what we hunted and gathered. This therefore means depending on our ancestral genetic makeup some people may be more suited to eating a particular diet than others.

One thing is for sure we did not have access to the highly processed, high calorie foods with poor nutrient profiles full of man-made fats, artificial chemicals, sweeteners and preservatives (to name a few) that we are exposed to today. These processed foods are playing havoc with our health and bodies.


No matter what your belief is in regards to nutrition you're going to be a lot healthier on a clean primal diet of whole nutrient dense clean foods like our ancestors.

Live Primal

We aren't suggesting that we go live like cavemen and deprive ourselves of modern day amenities like running water, but there are a few things from this era that our genetics still crave for optimum health and longevity, (After all our genetics are still 99% the same as our ancestors).



Sleep and regular sleep patterns are very important to to health and to rest your busy mind and repair the body, sleep also produces the neurotransmitter serotonin which has numerous benefits for psychological and emotional well being.



Play also has massive impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing. This can range from acting daft and having a laugh with your partner, children or friends, to having fun doing something active like football, calisthenics or parkour. Either way the chemicals released in the brain when engaging in play are incredibly beneficial to your mental health.


Play also helps promote bonding and relationships. We understand that we are adults and have to be serious at points in life with work and other commitments, but it is very important to find time to enjoy yourself and 'let your hair down'.


Being in nature can reduce anger, anxiety and stress also increasing pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical well being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Human beings have a deep history of being in nature and as time goes on we are spending less and less time reconnecting with where we came from.


Living a modern primal lifestyle is the key to longevity!

Work in harmony with the way we evolved to be!

At its heart it is simply eating a clean toxin free nutrient dense diet, exercising functionally, effectively, and looking after your emotional well being.

© 2017 by Primal Eden

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