"Kalos sthenos"


Beautiful Strength

At Primal Eden Calisthenics is one of our primary movement fundamentals and is instructed by our

Head Coach &

Bodyweight Guru's Calisthenics Master Trainer* 

Kam Shaw

(aka Primal Origins)


Calisthenics Coach

Hannah Shaw 

(aka Mrs Primal)

*Bodyweight Guru's is the UKs leading REPs certified calisthenics training course provider!

Our calisthenics facility has been custom built by

Primal Origins himself from his experience of

national and international competitions.

Here at Primal Eden we have an extraordinary training facility and environment with the most passionate and knowledgeable coaches around! 

We offer calisthenics education for everyone whether you have no experience what so ever or are a seasoned athlete we can increase your knowledge and


Beautiful Strength

The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words Kalos (κάλλος), which means "beauty" and sthenos (σθένος),meaning "strength" so calisthenics literally translates to

beautiful strength. If you have seen some of the static holds and dynamic movements we call strength flow we can do, I am sure you will agree that its exactly what it is.

Statics Holds

The term static means lack of movement but in calisthenics we take it a lot further, without going into too much of the Biomechanics of it, we use leverages (levers) and fulcrums (pivot points) and a lot of strength manipulating our center of gravity to hold the iconic apparent gravity defying holds we do. 

Strength Flow 

Strength flow is the art for moving cleanly or transitioning from static hold to static hold, at its heart it is essentially a performance of strength, muscular control and endurance and to us really defines the term beautiful strength. 


Freestyle is another sub-section that makes up this brilliant sport, it is all the high flying, swinging, spinning, flipping, catching that you see on social media platforms. This is the part of calisthenics that gets all the hype and is one of the most fun bits to do but requires a lot of fundamental strength to be performed cleanly and safely. 


At Primal Eden we focus on all aspects of calisthenics but particularly emphasize on the fundamentals clean strict form and building a solid foundation before progressing. This ensure the rate of injury is minimised and is a lot more of a professional methodical approach to this complex beautiful up and coming sport. 



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